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My Faster PC® Software Suite

ConsumerSoft launched the My Faster PC® software suite in 2008. The My Faster PC® program helps users clean and optimize their computers for optimal performance. The software uses a suite of industry standard tools and best-practices to tweak settings, search for invalid system information, clean-up unneeded files, defragment the hard drive, and remove unwanted startup items. The My Faster PC® software suite has a popular following and boasts thousands of happy customers.

My Phone Support

ConsumerSoft launched My Phone Support in December, 2009. This premium tech support service provides customers access to highly trained, friendly IT experts. Our team can solve hundreds of PC problems, like virus removal, software support, driver installation, tutorials and help, support for both Mac and Windows platforms, and much more. My Phone Support was upgraded in 2018 with all new, highly experienced technicians outside of India.

My Backup Drive

ConsumerSoft launched My Backup Drive in 2011. My Backup Drive is our easy-to-use, secure online backup solution. Our network of high speed data centers provides fast uploads and downloads over our secure network. Plus, My Backup Drive lets you access your files anywhere you have internet access. Other features include support for up to 5 PCs, unlimited file versioning, and our automated scheduler.


My Defragmenter

In January, 2011, ConsumerSoft launched My Defragmenter. This freeware application allows users defragment their hard drives and includes a scheduler to run the defragmenter during startup or shutdown. Learn more about the tool and download at the website.