New Download to Restore Windows 8 Start Menu

ConsumerSoft has released Viva Start Menu, a new program that restores start menu functionality to Windows 8.

NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) November 8th, 2012 -- ConsumerSoft, a best-selling software publisher and tech support provider, has just released Viva Start Menu. Viva Start Menu is a free program that brings back the start menu to Microsoft Windows 8. The program also provides a shortcut to the new "Live Tiles" modern desktop.

"Some users and reviewers have been shocked by the missing start menu in Windows 8," says Robert Thompson, EVP of Product Development for ConsumerSoft. "The new modern desktop is very cool, but some user's just aren't ready for the change. That's why we decided to release Viva Start Menu and let the user choose if they want to use the start menu."

Learn more at the Viva Start Menu website:

About ConsumerSoft

ConsumerSoft is a NYC based company that specializes in performance enhancing software and premium technical support. Founded in 2006, ConsumerSoft spent two years in R&D before launching the My Faster PC maintenance software. The company has published five Windows utilities, a suite of freeware programs, and mobile apps. ConsumerSoft provides tech support to consumers and businesses through its My Phone Support and Technical Support Live services.