Find and Repair Broken Shortcuts with Broken Shortcut Fixer

Free download lets you find, repair, and delete broken Windows shortcuts.

NEW YORK, NY August 17th, 2010 -- ConsumerSoft, makers of the best-selling My Faster PC Windows utility suite, today announced the release of its newest application, Broken Shortcut Fixer.

This free download lets users scan their Windows-based PC's for broken shortcuts links and repair them where possible.

Windows shortcuts are a type symbolic link, creating a connection between the real file and the shortcut. Shortcuts are often found on the desktop and used to provide quick access to programs, directories, or other commonly used files. While shortcuts in Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 are fairly robust (they can automatically update the link when the target file is moved), they still can be broken. Broken shortcuts are also often created when programs are uninstalled.

"Broken Shortcut Fixer examines each shortcut to verify if it works. If it doesn't work, the program will use the link resolve method to repair the shortcut" says Robert Thompson, EVP of Product Development at ConsumerSoft.

Broken Shortcut Fixer is being offered as freeware by ConsumerSoft. It's features include a shortcut scanner, automatic shortcut repairs, and the ability to delete broken shortcuts. "At ConsumerSoft, we're committed to bringing computer users easy-to-use and affordable or no-cost programs to make their PC experiences better" says Thompson.

For more information or to get the free download, visit Broken Shortcut Fixer.

About ConsumerSoft

Founded in 2006, ConsumerSoft spent two years in R&D before launching the My Faster PC diagnostic and maintenance tool that has revolutionized the consumer utilities market. The New York-based company is an industry leader in making professional PC performance-enhancing technology accessible to all PC owners - a mission it achieves through intuitive user interfaces, low price points, and by providing top tier technical support. More information can be found at the ConsumerSoft website.