For the Best Tech Support, Don't Go to the Store - Try Phone Support

My Phone Support, a new telephone and internet-based tech support service, offers cheaper and often better tech support directly in your home.

NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) July 15th, 2010 -- ConsumerSoft reviewed leading PC tech support providers and came to a surprising conclusion: some of the best (and cheapest) tech support is available over the phone and internet. Comparing prices and services between nation-wide tech support companies, individual "IT guys," and remote tech support companies, some of the cheapest prices and fastest service was available remotely.

ConsumerSoft cites recent technological breakthroughs and improvements for making this new breed of remote tech support companies so viable. "It's high-speed broadband and better remote desktop clients that have made it very easy for technicians fix computer problems remotely" says Robert Thompson, EVP of Product Development at ConsumerSoft. "This makes it so much easier to get support, saves you the hassle of taking your computer to the technician, and ends the inconvenience of not having your computer for several days," continues Thompson.

According to ConsumerSoft these new remote tech support companies can offer much better prices due to lower overhead costs. For example, ConsumerSoft found the cost for an in-store virus removal ranged from $150-$200. Remote tech support companies offered the same service for $30-$100. In addition, these remote support companies can offer immediate support, often 24 hours a day.

ConsumerSoft launched its own brand on online tech support earlier this year, under the name My Phone Support. "If you need tech support, you really should try calling My Phone Support first," says Trisha Burns, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for ConsumerSoft. "Since we offer a money-back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose by trying our online service first and our team really is excellent," she emphasized.

My Phone Support tech support offers an introductory price of $29.95 for most single repairs and $199/year for unlimited support. A full-refund is given if the experts are not able to solve the problem. By utilizing remote log-in technology, Microsoft certified technicians and the highly competitive price points, My Phone Support is quickly gaining market share in the expanding technical support sector.

To learn more, visit: My Phone Support online.

About ConsumerSoft

Founded in 2006, ConsumerSoft spent two years in R&D before launching the My Faster PC diagnostic and maintenance tool that has revolutionized the consumer utilities market. The New York-based company is an industry leader in making professional PC performance-enhancing technology accessible to all PC owners - a mission it achieves through intuitive user interfaces, low price points, and by providing top tier technical support. More information can be found at the ConsumerSoft website.