View and erase hidden metadata on your digital pictures with Easy Exif Delete

Free download lets you share pictures online safely after scrubbing them clean of metadata.

NEW YORK, NY April 21st, 2010 -- Consumer Software International, Inc., makers of the best-selling My Faster PC Windows utility suite, today announced the release of its latest application, the Easy Exif Delete program.

This free download lets you detect and erase hidden metadata stored to digital images to make them safe to share online.

Most digital cameras save metadata to JPEG (.jpeg) images in the form of exchangeable image file format, or exif. These metadata "tag" the image file with numerous facts behind the taking of the picture: shutter speed, date and time, author, camera model, metering mode, focal length and even if a flash was used. Some advanced cameras actually tag files with global positioning data to give the latitude and longitude of the location where the photograph was taken.

Beginning photographers often find exif data helpful for study, as they can use them to better understand what settings make a picture successful. But the files can get corrupted and make images crash or slow to load. And for photographers eager to share their pictures over the Web, metadata could present a privacy risk.

"Easy Exif Delete is a freeware application that empowers photographers to control what information they share online - information they might not even know is hidden in most digital images," says Robert Thompson, EVP of Product Development for ConsumerSoft.

Easy Exif Delete follows the launch last year of ConsumerSoft's Flash Cookie Cleaner, a freeware app that finds and remove flash player cookies, another little-known privacy danger for Web surfers.

"At ConsumerSoft, we're committed to bringing computer users easy-to-use and affordable or no-cost programs to make their PC experiences safer, simpler and more fun," says Thompson.

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