My Faster PC® Version 5.2 Puts Users in Control with Startup Items Manager

ConsumerSoft's best-selling My Faster PC Windows utility suite now lets users speed up their machines by deciding what launches, and when.

NEW YORK, NY (MYPRGENIE) December 1, 2009 -- Consumer Software International, Inc. today announced the latest update to its best-selling My Faster PC diagnostic and repair software. The Windows utility suite, with over three million users, is one of the most downloaded tune-up and enhancement tools for PCs. Now, with the roll out of version 5.2, it comes equipped with the latest innovation in computer maintenance: the Startup Items Manager.

This feature helps users speed up their PCs by letting them remove all the unused or junk startup apps cluttering their computer. These RAM-guzzling files can be hard to remove, and they're known to slow down PCs at startup by hogging memory as they launch forgotten background programs, hidden processes or even pop up reminders. With a proprietary database recognizing thousands of startup files, the Startup Items Manager locates all these items and gives users descriptions of what they are and helps them decide whether the apps should be kept or scrapped. In addition, a one-click "Apply Suggestions" feature allows users to apply suggested settings for common startup items. Alternatively, power users can manually tweak the settings for each individual startup as they like.

"There are countless startup items and it can be hard to know just by looking at a file name what's useful, what's a nuisance, and what's a menace," Robert Thompson, EVP of Product Development for ConsumerSoft, says. "With Startup Items Manager, computer users get a clear idea of what each item is, and what the best strategy is for speeding up and fine-tuning their machine."

What's more, the Startup Items Manager comes with the unique startup delayer. This lets PC owners have certain programs automatically launch, but only after a delay – such as launching an instant messenger program 5 minutes after booting. This way, users get the programs they want to start without dragging down load times. By staggering startup launches, users can ease the "memory bottleneck" caused when too many programs compete for memory at boot up.

"At ConsumerSoft, we always aim to help computer users get their PCs back to the fast, 'out-of-the-box' state," says Thompson. "By helping control the startup item clutter that all PCs gather over their lifetime, the latest version of the MyFasterPC suite can help get computers up to speed." With all the "bloatware" out there (like pre-installed startup programs), the MyFasterPC software suite could make the PC even a shade speedier than it was out of the box.

My Faster PC is currently offering a free trial download of the My Faster PC 5.2 software for new customers to demonstrate how it can help make computing fast and fun again. The full version costs $29.95. ConsumeSoft recommends that all current full My Faster PC users download the upgrade, which ConsumerSoft has made available to them at no cost.

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