Announces the Launch of a National Advertising Campaign for Inexpensive yet Highly Effective Computer Repair and Optimization Software

ConsumerSoft, founder of, has announced a new national TV ad campaign to promote the My Faster PC® computer repair and optimization software.

NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) March 18, 2009 -- ConsumerSoft, founder of, has announced a new national TV ad campaign to promote the My Faster PC computer repair and optimization software.

ConsumerSoft has aired regional television ads for the past several months and has enjoyed a tremendously positive response to these ads. Due to this remarkable reception they have recently decided to expand their reach and begin a national TV ad campaign in hopes of reaching the millions of Americans who are also in need of an enhanced user experience.

It is often noticed that as time goes by, a computers performance declines with it. My Faster PC® software helps speed up a computer by removing items such as invalid entries, unwanted programs and more and also helps to clean out a hard drive. The software even gives access to the tools the experts use to create backups and manage startup items. Regular system maintenance will ensure a computer doesn't get too cluttered with these unnecessary items and will help to keep a computer running smoothly.

A March 5 New York Times article reports that computer sales are drastically decreasing; for example, the article states that Dell reported a 27% drop in desktop sales. Furthermore, the article reports that after nearly a decade of seeing PC sales increase every year, PC shipments are expected to see a 12 percent decrease from last year, which makes the situation four times worse than the infamous dot-com bust of 2000.

That's where My Faster PC® software comes in. Rather then spending hundreds of dollars on computer repair services or even brand new machines, My Faster PC® software offers consumers an inexpensive way to improve and revitalize their existing systems. At $29.95 for a year subscription, it is a cost-conscious and efficacious alternative in a slumping economy. My Faster PC® software also offers US-based email and phone support free of charge with a computer expert, something which isn't always offered for free with the larger software companies.

Trisha Burns, the Senior Director of Sales and Marketing at ConsumerSoft, stated: "We know that it's not always practical for PC users to have their systems repaired by technicians or employ an on-site repair service especially in this kind of economic landscape. With the My Faster PC® software, we offer consumers a fast, easy, and affordable way to clean and improve your PC's functionality and to maintain that enhanced performance with just a few clicks of a mouse."

My Faster PC® software is currently offering a free trial download to test out their service and demonstrate how they can help to improve PC performance. The cost of the full version is $29.95.

For more information, visit the My Faster PC website.

About ConsumerSoft

Founded in 2006, ConsumerSoft spent two years in R&D before launching the My Faster PC software, a diagnostic and maintenance tool that has revolutionized the consumer utilities market. The New York-based company is an industry leader in making professional PC performance-enhancing technology accessible to all PC owners - a mission it achieves through intuitive user interfaces, low price points, and by providing free, live, US-based phone support for all its products. More information can be found at