ConsumerSoft is excited to announce our newest mobile app, GPSjot for the iPhone.

My Zoo Adventure (

Make your child the star of this fun and exciting adventure! Create a unique and beautiful storybook personalized with your little one's name and appearance. Your child will love reading along to this beautifully illustrated story, filled with interactive features, educational fun facts, animal sounds, coloring activity, trivia game and more! My Zoo Adventure Website.

GPSjot beta (

ConsumerSoft's GPSjot lets users create digital notes anywhere in the world attached to their GPS coordinates. GPSjot Website.

Can You Find It? (

ConsumerSoft launched Can You Find It? in April, 2010 for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Can You Find It? is a unique game testing your visual skills, memory, and mind as you unravel the clues to see if you can find it! Can You Find It? App Website.

Can You Find It? Reviews:

"A great app for kids and adults, one that lets them practice their skills in analyzing,
reasoning and deducing." –The iPhone Mom Review for Can You Find It?

"This is a beautifully simple yet addicting game..." –iTunes Reviews for Can You Find It?

"A Fun Seek and Find Game that you can play whether you have 2 minutes or 40." –AppShouter Review for Can You Find It?

"A riddle-style game targeting key spatial and temporal concepts in a fun task" –Speech Techie Review for Can You Find It?

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